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    Language is an important tool for teaching and learning. Mother tongue has its own weightuge in the Curriculum. Students focus upon equity education based on variety and characteristics of Tamil language & Literature.



Kamban Tamil Resource Center - Laboratory

    There is a well equipped Tamil Language Laboratory in the Department. In order to cater to the needs of the individual differences among students, hands on training and experiences is given to the students to understand the Tamil language concept. Gone are the days when Tamil was treated a purely understandable subject to be discussed.

    Life oriented materials for successful future life is being kept in our Resource Centre.
    The respective skills LSRW have been practiced in our Centre.
    Working Models, Dummy Models, Charts etc… are arranged systematically in the Kampan Resource Centre.



Club Activities

    Club activities are conducted every year based upon

    1. Debate
    2. Seminars
    3. Quiz
    4. Group Discussion
    5. Cultural Programs