Computer Science Education aims to publish high-quality teachers within the computing started in the year 2006. The classes are conducted with the LCD Projectors.

    The student teachers of Computer science department acquires the knowledge of

    1. ICT in Education

    2. The importance of ICT in Education

    3. The necessity of ICT in Education

    4. The stages of teaching and learning with and through ICT.

    5. The various approaches to curriculum development through ICT.

    6. The traditional view of the teaching – learning process.

    T7. he changes in view of teaching – learning process.

    8. The implication of ICT in teaching – learning process



Steve Jobs (Apple) Resource Centre - Laboratory

    1. Integrate technology in to classroom teaching learning strategies.

    2. Acquire knowledge of computers, its accessories and software.

    3. Understand features of MS Office and their operations.

    4. acquire skill in accessing world wide web and Internet and global accessing of information.

    5. Acquire knowledge on preparing and using Computer Assisted Instruction programmes.

    6. Acquire the knowledge relating to the organization and administration of computer Laboratory.

    7. Acquire knowledge on latest trends in Information Technology and assessment techniques.



Club Activities

    1. E-PRIMER - Training Non computer students through computer students about the basic computer operation and Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

    2. SMS & MAIL - Communicating to all the students about the college activities and staff

    3. MOODLE - Online teaching and learning management system