Biology Is a Body of Facts and theories concerned with all the myriad facts of all kinds of living things and it is not simply a mixture but some determined ratio of botany and zoology. It can be defined as the science of life.

    Biology is the most inexhaustible storehouse knowledge. The fundamental characteristic of biology is its possibility of unlimited growth since nature is an inexhaustible knowledge to the learners. As such there is infinite scope of boarding one's horizon of has exposed to mankind infinite avenues of knowledge in nature, living and non – living, the world beyond human perception thereby makes us conscious of the unknown to be explored. It develops insights with the mysteries of creation and existence, which have always attracted the attention of man since the dawn of civilization.

    In the present setup, the teacher is the pilot in every schemes of work the success or failure of a biology course depends on the teacher. Biology departments provides scientific knowledge, professional training, new technique of teaching, methods of evaluation, improvisation of science apparatus ,equipments, science kit, club activities, able to operate OHP, LCD projectors etc. to meet the challenges in education.



MS Swaminathan Resource Center - Laboratory

    Well equipped laboratory.

    1. Total area of the lab is 30'.0''*43'.3'', 1299 Sq.feet.

    2. Impressed & Appreciated by NCTE members.

    3. Mounted Specimens.

    4. Microscopic Slides.

    5. Stuffed Specimens.

    6. Models.

    7. Charts.

    8. Human Anatomy charts.

    9. Microscopes.

    10. Wall hangings.

    11. Educational CDs.

    12. Glass articles, conical flasks, test tubes, apparatus, LCD Computer etc., are in our lab.

    13. Teaching aids and other learning materials prepared by the staff & students are displayed.

    14. Practice in using audio visual materials.

    15. Utilizing leisure time for self learning.

    16. Organising guest lectures and Organizing Workshop for the student-teachers.

    17. Inviting Alumni as resource Persons to motivate our student-teachers



Club Activities

    1. Enviroment Awarness Programs for local community

    2. Workshop on Enviromental Awarness

    3. Aesthetic Care Tacking of the campus

    4. Health and Hygienic Programme

    5. Medical Camp

    6. Tree Plantation

    7. World Enviroment Day Celebration

    8. Guest Lectures